Our projects are executed with certain formal process and standard practices. Our process ensures series of definable repeatable and measurable tasks leading to results that maximizes our potentials.

Process Engineering

Modern software products are engineered under the selected formal techniques to improve the quality of the product. Any software project needs to be executed with formal process and standard practice. A process is a series of definable repeatable and measurable tasks leading to a useful result. The development process are required to provide visibility into the projects. Visibility in turn aids timely management control and mid course correction against the expected errors and crisis. It helps developers to weed out faults quite early before they cause failures.The adoption of a formal development process with well defined unambiguous and complete policies will lead to benefits of correct requirement to generate the correct product in order to meet the customers need.

In calmove we have a Software Engineering Process Group(SEPG) for maintaining a process oriented culture. This group identifies the project specific process and process goals.

Project Management

Project Management is the application of knowledge,skills,tools and techniques to a broad range of activities to meet the requirement of a particular process. A desired result is achieved more efficiently when activities and related resources are managed as a process. Identifying, understanding and managing interrelated processes as a system contributes to the organization's effectiveness and efficiency in achieving its objectives. There are three very important limits that we can find in almost all the projects.Time,money and quality. These three things determine almost every thing we do within the project. But only those project management process that learns on the experience from the past,that consider future project and opportunities and that regards the main resource ie the people as the most valuable thing for the involved organization can be successful for a long time.


Our processes ensures that the product and services you get are of highest quality standards. Our dedicated quality assurance department builds a quality culture among the employees and co-ordinate the entire quality assurance and quality control functions. The team ensures that the projects adhere to our quality objectives.

We do understand the environment in which creativity and customer satisfaction can thrive. We also know that these environments do not come together spontaneously. Their synthesis and maintenance require deliberate and never ending effort. This is the thrust of series of Quality centric processes we implement in our company


It manages the quality of software and its development process. A quality culture is an organizational environment where quality is viewed as every one’s responsibility. It provides an independent check on the software development processes. The quality management process checks the project deliverables to ensure that they are consistent with organizational standards and goals. At the organizational level quality management is concerned with establishing a framework of organizational process and standards that will lead to high quality software. At the project level the quality management involves the application of specific quality process and checking that these planned processes have been followed

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